About iHub Global

About iHub Global

Through iHub Global, You Can Own a piece of the People Powered Wireless Network with Helium Blockchain. If you want to own your piece the people's network with Helium, click here to join iHub Global FREE now!

iHub Global is your gateway to the Helium people powered wireless network opportunity. You can join iHub global FREE and reserve a Helium miner hotspot.

iHub Global is running a unique affiliate program so that once you join, you are given a referral link through which you can refer others to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

On receipt of your Helium miner, you will set it up and plug it into power supply to receive Helium crypto coins, HNT on a monthly on-going basis.

Meet The iHub Global Team

The Core Staff Members Of iHub Team

Below Are The Core Staff Members Of iHub Team.

iHub has gathered a team with a diverse, yet complementary, skillsets from marketing to manufacturing to serve our Affiliates and Hosts.

Rick Cotton, Founder / CEO

Rick has started and built several companies including eXfuze (KZ1) which to date has done over 300 million in sales and growing.

Rick is also passionate about serving children around the world. Rick served as a missionary for 10 years overseas in Ukraine, Venezuela, Mexico and Dominican Republic and has worked in over 40 countries.
Rick has an extensive knowledge in what it takes to build a company on a solid foundation and leads the team with a passion for people and a vision to make iHub the leader in the world of IOT.

Chuck Hanson, Founder / VP Marketing

Chuck Hanson says - I've had an amazing journey and my goal at this stage is to help as many people as I can live the kind of life that I've had. NO BOSS (except my wife & Rocky my dog!). I owned an advertising business for 16 years that I built from the ground up. I decided to sell that business in 1987 because I was exposed to NETWORK MARKETING. I have had the great fortune to live a dream life through my success all over the world.

In mid 2020 I was introduced to HELIUM and the HELIUM HOTSPOT. After spending a few days looking at what I thought could be something that I had been looking for the past 50 years I asked my good friend Rick Cotton that I've known for 20+ years to take a look. He came back with the same conclusion - we've got to take this to all the people in the world we know. So the journey begins. I know that I can eclipse what I've done in the past 33 years in the next 3-4 years because we not only have the perfect product we have the perfect opportunity and I look forward to serving as many people as I can in iHub.

An iHub Global Presentation By Michael Stern

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Michael Stern, Co-Founder / VP of Business Development

Michael has been an entrepreneur, network builder, consultant, advisor and owner in the direct sales and networking space for over 40 years.

His passion has always been to find leading edge innovative products and technologies and successfully bringing them to market.

He focuses on relationship building and teamwork to assist others in achieving their goals and dreams, as well as building empowering business relations, strategies and alliances to create mutual business success.

He and his wife Esperanza have worked together building companies as well as their own for 25 years.

John Crim, Co-Founder / CTO

John has a degree in Computer Science with over 20 Years experience in the Information Technology field. Building unique operations from start to finish.

John has worked in fast growth companies understands the operations of how to integrate systems in a fast-paced environment.

Goal driven to help over 2.5 Million kids struggling with hunger around the world through the love of Christ.

Looking to create a legacy to fulfill the needs of others beyond what one person can do alone. Looking forward to building a strong team of passionate people wanting to make a difference in the world.

iHub Global is a proud supporter of VivaKids, a non-profit birthed in 2007 to serve the needs of under-privileged children in the Dominican Republic and around the world. The entire iHub Global community is proud of making a difference in a child's world with every iHUB!

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