What Is iHub Global?

What Is iHub Global?

iHub Global is an affiliate program that is bolted to an established blockchain network provider (Helium Systems) that is committed to powering the global cryptocurrency ecosystem through its innovative platform.

iHub Global works with Helium and its global hotspot system, "The People's Network". The hub network that is set up around the world in people's own homes.

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The company, Helium aims to empower people who want to be involved in cryptocurrencies but do not have the technical knowledge or experience needed to get started by providing them with multiple ways of earning digital currency while also allowing them to stay connected.

iHub Global is your gateway to Helium hotspots which functions like a traditional mining hub, utilizing cloud-based software to help users generate passive income from their own homes without having prior knowledge about how blockchain technology works.

And getting started is as simple as setting up a Helium miner hotspot. The free device that you will receive will automatically mine Helium coins. Registering and reserving your Helium hotspot at iHub Global is free. To receive your reserved Helium hotspot, you only need to prove your address and pay a nominal shipping cost.

But iHub Global goes beyond simple mining with Helium, it offers users additional ways of earning digital currency like inviting other like-minded members to the platform through your affiliate link.

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You can also save the Helium coins you earn and earn an interest percentage each year on it by simply holding on to it.

iHub Global is not just a company that offers an innovative mining device that is helping people make money; it's also a highly interactive community where people can stay connected by interacting with other members through Zoom webinars, live chat rooms and group discussions on various forums.

This helps its users overcome many of the barriers that prevent them from being involved in cryptocurrencies: lack of technical knowledge or difficulty in understanding how blockchain technology works, or if you run into any issues like setting up your mining device.

iHub Global provides anyone who wants to get involved the opportunity to earn passive monthly income from cryptocurrency from the comfort of their home for just the one-time nominal cost of equipment shipping and approximately $1 per month on electricity cost of providing the Helium miner with power.

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