Helium People Powered Network

Helium, People Powered Network

The Helium Blockchain Has Started a Wireless Revolution, The People Powered Network For IOT. The People's Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Helium is the fastest growing and most effective part of the Helium Gateway Network. To own the people's network with Helium, iHub Global is your vehicle.

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The Helium Network Built by You

Unlike anything before it, The People-Powered Network is the fastest growing network and is completely changing the way we connect with one another.

The Helium Vision

Helium wants to deliver the internet into its decentralized ideal - a place where anyone can share any kind of information with anyone in the world without the risk of gatekeeping. Hosting companies have too much power and control the flow of information. At the People's Network, Helium wants to remake the internet into what it always should have been.

The Helium Story

Born from the crypto boom of the roaring 2020s, Helium is leveraging the power of Helium (HNT) to create an internet of things that will disrupt and radically change the way we all connect with one another on a global scale. The world is powered by people, and the internet should be too.

Helium Tech

By utilizing the Helium LongFi hotspot technology, a type of blockchain, Helium can provide internet coverage using existing everyday items. This amazing process is made possible by a work algorithm called Proof of Coverage. And just by existing as a node on this network, you are passively rewarded with HNT, a valuable crypto-currency.

Facilitate The Future

Here's where you come in: as a part of the people's network, you will be passively rewarded Helium (HNT) crpytocurrency just for being a part of The People's Network. By helping Helium fulfil their dream of taking power away from big telecom companies and putting ownership back into the hands of the people. And unlike other crypto-mining methods that require power-hungry servers to operate, Helium nodes only require energy equivalent to pennies per year.

Make Money With Helium

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Helium's People's Network and IoT Explained


We install one of our hotspots at your home, office, business, or wherever you can get the most efficient signal. The best part? It only costs you pennies per year to operate.


The Helium Network facilitates Internet of Thing devices. Every time a device uses your Helium router, a token is mined and you make money.


Help grow The Helium Network and earn money relative to the amount of people you sign up. Every time your friends make money, you do too!

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